Turn Fear into Faith

Tina Stafford – Founder

Tina Stafford comes from humble beginnings, being raised to believe in God, and to know that there is more out there that we cannot see. She began realizing her ability to connect to others on a intuitive level when she was quite young. At the age of 12, she experienced a pre-cognitive dream about someone close to her that in turn frightened her and caused her to run away from spirituality and fell into bad things that in turn compromised her education. She had fallen into what the generations before her did, “quit school, got a job, met a man and had kids.” She eventually found what she thought was success; she had made it to middle management in the retail world, and was earning a decent income for the first time of her life. Then eventually, the stress was just too much for her. She was forced to leave that career choice, started college (which was something she did not believe she could do in her late thirties), and then felt like the earth itself had fallen out from beneath her feet all together. She found herself fallen victim to a “mysterious illness” that many doctor’s and specialists could not diagnose or understand, let alone help provide treatment for. Words cannot hardly express the amount of research and self discovering she underwent throughout the next several years to find the healing place she so desperately needed , and was unable to get to from what traditional medical help she had access to at the time. One day, at a very pivotal moment laying in bed, hand in hand with her loving husband, she left her body completely and went to God. With confirmation that God had heard the desperate prayers of her husband to please not let his wife leave yet, Jesus sent her back with discernment, prophecy, and the mission to create a world without judgement and bridge people of all belief systems together into one united consciousness in order to heal this world. Now, as her manifestation of healing humanity has begun, She couldn’t be more excited to help you discover your soul’s true purpose and create the life you were truly meant to lead.

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