Our Goals

Let's Take Your Power Back

We teach people how to live a purpose-driven life, and manifest the life of their dreams. Our goals align with your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Discover Your Purpose

Get in touch with your true inner values, and let those lift your life to new heights.

Manage Your Emotions

Learn to live a life of action, and not reaction. Release your inhibitions and move forward.

Become Self-Aware

Understand what you truly put out into the world, and how that applies to the many facets of your life.

Recover From Trauma

Take part in an alternative process to traditional psychotherapy that helps you remove trauma and its effects from your life permanently

live healthier

Explore diet and exercise options tailored to every leg of your journey and how they can help you have the life you deserve.


Learn to slow your mind through meditation and its direct effects of improving every aspect of your life.

About us

Find out who we are

Our organization is designed to help our clients expand their horizons while healing their mind, body, and spirit. We care about the future of humanity and we are here to help shift the general consciousness to a place of love rather than judgement. We believe that healing is the first step, and healing can mean a lot to each individual. As such, we are the first company in our field to offer an all-encompassing alternative healing program. Let's transform your life, together.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help others learn to heal themselves as we have and raise the consciousness and help shift our world from a place of pain and suffering to a place of love and abundance.

Our story

My partner and I met as part of a trauma recovery group. Both coming from trauma, hardships, and near-death experiences, we started realizing through our journey of healing, that we wanted to help others discover the self-love we have found and help them on their healing journey.

What makes us different

We care for you and all of your healing needs in one place. We tailor our programs to fit our clients needs and what we do works and is based in science.


what we offer

transformative coaching
trauma recovery
Energy healing
Nature Walk Experience

LIve in the moment

Living in the moment minimizes your stress level an maximizes your ability to pay attention to details important to your best life.

be positive

what if I told your thoughts and feelings are creating your life , rather than your life creating your thoughts and emotions! Interesting isn't it!

start creating

Live like you are already in your best life and watch it transform. We are here to help navigate you through it.

Our Team

Healing you today

Ariana Salas

Ariana Salas

Founder / Intuitve Coach / Healer
Jitu kukadia

Jitu kukadia

Affiliate and Energy Correction Specialist /Owner of Distant Healing Clinic

TINA STAFFORD Founder/Intuitive/Trauma Recovery Specialist

Contact Us

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Email info@healuniversal.com
Phone No. Ariana (909)325-5078/ Tina (442)235-9450