What do the most successful people have to say about using Intuition ?


According to eocinstitute.org intuition is the way to go ! Bill Gates trusts it. Steve Jobs said it’s “more powerful than intellect.” It powers every market decision Warren Buffet makes. Richard Branson prefers it to stats and data. Albert Einstein called it the “only real valuable thing.”

While most of us think a “big ol’ brain” (hard work is assumed) is the key to making it in this world, successful people believe otherwise. In a study where thirty-six major CEOs were asked to name their decision making’s most critical component, 85% responded with “intuition” or “gut feel.”

Whether we are mulling a career change, sensing our first date’s compatibility, or feeling (for no reason at all) that we should wait an extra few seconds at the stoplight (as we watch a car barrel through the intersection) — we have all been magnetically guided by our magnificent inner compass.

While we are generally taught to throw our “spidey-senses” to the wind, those of us who learn to harness this all-knowing “inner-GPS” can, with pinpoint precision, use it to navigate the great ocean of life, finding success at every turn.

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